QUIZ: Network Cabling. Questions And Answers

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Questions from the Network Cabling sectionAnswers to the questions of the Network Cabling section
802.11ac Wave 2 devices can theoretically support how much maximum throughput?3.47 Gbps
A Fast Ethernet connection utilizes what pins on an RJ-45 plug?1, 2, 3, 6
A junior administrator is having issues connecting to a router’s console port using a TIA/EIA 568B standard cable and a USB serial to RJ-45 adapter, despite verifying terminal settings. What is the issue?The cable must be a rollover cable.
A typical fiber termination kit should include what tool for cutting a clean slice through fiber strands?Fiber cleaver
A wireless node that is in active scanning mode transmits what special type of frame in order to find available access points?probe frame
An application is installed on computer A that uses TCP port 45000. The application is currently closed. What will computer A do if it accepts a SYN request from computer B over the TCP protocol?Since the application is closed, the port is also closed. Therefore, when receiving any segment on a closed port, computer A will send an RST in response.
An application is installed on computer A that uses UDP port 45000. The application is currently closed. What will computer A do if it accepts a segment from computer B over the UDP protocol?Since the application is closed, port 45000 is also closed. Computer A, having accepted the UDP segment, will send the ICMP notification “Destination port unreachable”to the computer.
At what layer of the OSI model do the 802.11 standards vary?Physical layer
Bidirectional transceivers utilize what technology to separate the data in each direction?wavelength division multiplexing
Both 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW have what maximum distance limitation on a segment of single mode fiber?40km
Broadband cable Internet service and cable TV are most commonly delivered over long distances via what type of cable?RG-6
Diffraction has what affect on a wireless signal’s propagation?The signal is split into secondary waves that continue in the direction in which they split.
Due to what multiplexity (multichannel) is achieved in computer systems?By using ports. There are 65535 ports in total. If, for example, we take a web server running only on port 80, then theoretically up to 65535 connections from one computer can be organized with it. This is achieved due to the fact that the destination port is always equal to 80, and the source port can be equal to any value of 65535 ports.
Healing messages are a feature of what smart home protocol?Z-Wave
How does refraction affect the propagation of a wireless transmission?It distorts the signal as it travels into and through a different transmission medium.
How does the 802.11 data frame indicate how a large packet should be fragmented?The sequence control field indicates how packets will be subdivided.
How many data streams are used in 802.11ac Wave 2 devices?4 data streams
If you need to evaluate Wi-Fi network availability as well as optimize Wi-Fi signal settings and identify security threats, what tool should you use?Wi-Fi analyzer
In a coaxial cabling, what does the RG rating measure?The materials used for shielding and conducting cores.
In an 802.11 data frame, what is the maximum amount of data that can be sent?2312 bytes
In an 802.11 data frame, what is the size of the frame check sequence field?6 bytes
In IEEE terminology, a group of stations that share an access point are said to be part of which of the following?basic service set
In Linux, what command can be used for viewing and setting wireless interface parameters?iwconfig
Near-field communication devices send data at what fixed frequency?13.56 MHz
Node A initiated a connection with node B. After a while, node A received a SYN, ACK. What TCP state will node A be in after receiving such a response?SYN, ACK is sent only in response to a SYN request. Node A, after sending a SYN request, has entered the SYN-SENT state and is waiting for SYN, ACK. After receiving SYN, ACK node A does not change its state, that is, it remains in SYN-SENT. Only after sending the ACK, the state from SYN-SENT changes to ESTABLISHED.
Node A sent a SYN request to node B. What is the length of the segment?When establishing and terminating connections, the segment length is always 0.
Node A sent node B 5 segments of length 100, 200, 50, 300, 100 bytes, respectively. The ISN of the first segment is 0. What ACK number will node B respond to node A?If all segments are received without errors, then node B in the ACK will request the next “portion” of segments, that is, the sum of the lengths of all segments and plus 1 segment. In our case 100 + 200 + 50 + 300 + 100 + 1 = 751.
Noise that can degrade or distort a signal on a network is measured with what unit?decibels
PoE+ devices are defined by what IEEE standard?802.3at
Signals that can travel in only one direction on a medium are referred to as what type of signal?simplex
T/F: A continuity tester should not be used on a live network segment.True
T/F: A serial cable with an RJ-45 connector is capable of being used through an RJ-45 Ethernet port.False
T/F: A short circuit is one where needed connections are missing, such as when a wire breaks.False
T/F: A time domain reflectometer sends a signal and analyzes the return signal’s change in amplitude to determine where cable imperfections may exist.True
T/F: A wavelength mismatch occurs when transmissions are optimized for one type of cable but sent over a different type of cable.True
T/F: All wireless signals are carried through the air by electromagnetic waves.True
T/F: An 802.11 data frame contains four address fields, in contrast to the two address fields in 802.3 Ethernet.True
T/F: Due to many vulnerabilities and a short key length, the WPA security standard was replaced with WEP.False
T/F: In order to achieve 1000Base-T over CAT5e cable, 2 pairs of copper are needed.False
T/F: Infrared technology utilizes an LED that emits light with shorter wavelengths than red light.False
T/F: Latency on data networks is based on a calculation of a packet’s round trip time (RTT).True
T/F: Multimode fiber contains a core that is larger than a single mode fiber core.True
T/F: NFC tags are very expensive and cannot be purchased blank, requiring them to be pre-loaded.False
T/F: RG-59 is more expensive than RG-6, but has better resistance to attenuation.False
T/F: The LLC sublayer is primarily concerned with managing MAC addresses in message frames.False
T/F: The most secure Wi-Fi communication is made possible by combining a RADIUS server with WPA or WPA2, known as WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise, respectively.True
T/F: The ST and SC fiber connectors are the most commonly found connectors due to their smaller sizes.False
T/F: The Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN can be easily cracked through a brute force attack.True
T/F: The Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) is defined in the 802.15 standard.True
T/F: Z-Wave transmissions have a range of up to 50m per hop, and can tolerate up to 8 hops through repeaters.False
Telephone connections follow what registered jack standard?registered jack 11 (RJ-11)
The 1000Base-LX utilizes light with what wavelength?1300 nanometers
The 802.11 standard specifies the use of what technique in order to minimize the potential for collisions?Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA)
The figure shows a fragment of a network dump. What useful information can be extracted from it? (Click on the picture to enlarge)It can be seen that the local address sent an Echo Request to the address It can also be seen that the ICMP message Time to live exceeded was received from the node with the address The TTL in this fragment is 3. Most likely, the local host has run the traceroute command, and node is the third detected node on the path of the packet to the destination device.
The use of multiple antennas on an access point to issue a signal to one or more receivers is enabled by what 802.11 innovation?multiple input-multiple output (MIMO)
The wireless spectrum, as defined by the FCC, spans between which two frequencies?9 kHz and 300 GHz
Upon connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you’re redirected to a login screen and a request to accept terms of service before being connected. What is this an example of?captive portal
Utilizing time slots that are adjusted according to priority and need is an example of what type of multiplexing on copper lines?statistical time division multiplexing
What 802.11 frame type is involved in association and reassociation, including probe and beacon frames?management frames
What happens if the sending node includes its IP address as the receiving node? The network card is turned on and connected to the network. What happens if the card is disconnected from the network?In this case, the packet will not reach the physical layer, that is, it will not leave the network device. For example, if you run the ping command to your own address, the user will receive an Echo-Reply from his own computer. Therefore, it does not matter whether the network card is connected to the network or not. However, the result depends on which service or service the user accesses on the local computer. For example, a web server is running on the computer, then you can enter the address of your computer in the browser and a web page will open. If the server is not running, the page will not open. The same applies to other services and programs.
What is the fastest Ethernet standard that can possibly be used on twisted-pair cabling?10GBase-T
What is the industry standard angle for an Angle Polished Connector (APC)?8 degrees
What is the length of the UDP header?8 bytes
What is the maximum supported throughput of a CAT6 cable?10 Gbps
What is the minimum category of UTP cable required in order to support Gigabit speeds?Cat 5e
What is the OSI model needed for?The OSI model was developed to simplify the interaction of various network devices with each other. In addition, this model allows us to lead to a unified standardization of network protocols running on equipment from different manufacturers. Each level describes certain processes and actions, and this division allows you to better and faster study the operation of protocols and devices.
What is the point of having both UDP and TCP protocols, when TCP can successfully perform all UDP functions?TCP is responsible for reliable data delivery, unlike UDP. At the same time, due to its features, TCP is a much slower protocol than UDP. There are various applications. Some require a reliable connection for their work, even if it is slow, while others, on the contrary, require a high transfer speed, even if it is an unreliable connection. For example, financial transactions require a reliable and secure connection. The transmission of video and audio data is critical to the transmission speed, so reliable delivery can be neglected in a certain sense. Therefore, it is inappropriate to say which protocol is better and which is better. Both were designed to solve specific tasks.
What is the process of adding headers to data when passing them from one OSI layer to another?Encapsulation
What is the purpose of the Layer 2 LLC sublayer?It is used to handle multiplexing, flow and error control, and reliability.
What kind of tool can you use to measure voltage on a cable length?multimeter
What level does the segment form?Transport level
What level forms the frame?Data Link Layer
What multiplexing technology lowers cost by spacing frequency bands wider apart to allow for cheaper transceiver equipment?coarse wavelength division multiplexing
What optional protocol can be used in 802.11 to reserve the medium for one node’s use?RTS/CTS (Request to Send/Clear to Send)
What scenario describes an evil twin attack?A malicious access point is configured with the SSID of a non-malicious public access point.
What special signal is issued periodically from an AP and contains the network transmission rate and service set identifier (SSID), as well as other information needed for a computer to associate with the AP?beacon frame
What statement correctly describes “jitter”?Jitter is what happens when packets experience varying amounts of delay and arrive out of order.
What statement describes a transmission flaw that is occurring due to attenuation?A customer modem is continuously losing signal due to large distance from the transmitting device.
What statement regarding the Power Over Ethernet standards is inaccurate?Power over Ethernet requires CAT6 or better copper cable.
What type of device can be used to assess the quality of a wireless signal?spectrum analyzer
What type of network is the most reliable?Full Mesh
When terminating an Ethernet cable, about how far should the cable sheath extend into the plug?3/8 inch
When troubleshooting wireless issues, what statement is accurate?Access points that use overlapping channels can cause interference with each other if they are too close.
When using RFID, what is an ARPT (Active Reader Passive Tag)?It is a tag that is activated by an active reader, and uses power from the reader’s radio to power its transmission.
When viewing the pinout for T568B, what is the correct order of wire colors, starting at pin 1?white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, brown
Which 802.11 frame type is related to medium access and data delivery, and includes ACK and RTS/CTS frames?control frames
Which Bluetooth power class allows for a maximum power output of 100 mW and a range of up to 100 m?Class 1
Which of the following statements about fiber-optic cabling is accurate?Light experiences virtually no resistance when traveling through glass.
Which of the following statements correctly describes the SFP+ transceiver?SFP+ is the same size as SFP, and supports a theoretical maximum transmission speed of 16 Gbps.
Which of the following statements regarding the 802.11ac standard is NOT accurate?802.11ac access points function more like a hub than a switch.
Which OSI layer is responsible for reliable data delivery?Transport level
Which statement accurately describes what near end crosstalk (NEXT) is?NEXT is crosstalk that occurs between wire pairs near the source of a signal.
Why should you terminate coaxial cable with connectors that are rated for the exact cable type?A mismatched connector will have different impedance ratings, causing data errors.
You are troubleshooting a client’s wireless networking issue. Which of the following will prevent the client from connecting to the network?The client has a wireless profile configured for the “campus” SSID, but the access point is broadcasting the “CAMPUS” SSID.
You have been awarded a contract for wiring a new federal building. What twisted-pair wiring standard must you use?TIA/EIA 568A
You’ve been handed a fiber with a 1.25-mm ferrule that requires a connector. What is the most commonly used connector for this ferrule size?local connector (LC)

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