Playlist On Youtube Is Not Showing On The Side Of The Desktop. Here’s What You Need To Fix It

Many users have reported the playlist on YouTube is not showing on the side of their desktop. It is unclear why the problem occurred. This post compiles some solutions to the problem. If you are facing the same problem, try.

The YouTube Sidebar Does Not Appear On Your Computer

The “No YouTube sidebar” problem has been bothering many YouTube users, and one user posted about the problem on

A few hours ago, the sidebar on the left side of the screen, which used to show the library, subscriptions, and trending areas, disappeared.

Why no sidebar? The reason is unknown. But some users have said that the YouTube sidebar appears on the left side of the screen after a few minutes. So wait a few minutes and see if the sidebar reappears.

The playlist on youtube on the side

If not, there are several fixes to the problem: clear YouTube cache and cookies and other fixes, re-login to YouTube accounts, etc.

Detailed guides to these fixes are below. Give them a try.

Fix 1: Clear YouTube Cache And Cookies

Some YouTube users said clearing the cache and cookies was helpful. So, give it a try.
Here’s a guide on clearing YouTube’s cache and cookies on your PC. If you use the YouTube app, see the guide on clearing YouTube cache and cookies on cell phones.

Step 1: Open one browser (for example, Google Chrome).
Step 2: Open the Google Chrome menu by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
Step 3: Select Advanced Tools from the menu and select the Clear browsing data option.

The playlist on youtube is not showing on the side

Step 4: Under Basic, select time range and browsing history, cookies, and other site data or cached images and files.

Clear browsing data option step 3

Step 5: Click Clear Data to delete the cache and cookies.

 Click Clear Data to delete the cache and cookies

When the clearing process ends, go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar appears. If it’s still missing, try the following fix.

Fix 2: Re-login To Your Account

Here’s a guide on logging out of YouTube on your PC.
Step 1: Click your avatar on the YouTube page.
Step 2: Select the “Sign out” option from the pop-up menu.
Step 3: Log in to your account again.

Fix 3: Disable Or Update Browser Plugins

Disable plugins:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and open its menu.
Step 2: Click the Advanced Tools option icon and select the Extensions option.
Step 3: Disable the plugin panel you want to disable.

Disable the plugin panel you want to disable in Chrome

Update The Plugins:

Step 1: Go to chrome: // extensions /.
Step 2: Activate developer mode in the upper right corner and click the “Update” button.

Update the plugins in Chrome

When the update process finishes, go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar appears.

Google support: Why Is My Youtube Sidebar Now Gone?

About Playlists On YouTube

Creating And Setting Up A Playlist

For this purpose, click on the tab with the same name under the channel name:

Then click on the “New Playlist” button. Here immediately enter its name and can configure access (by default, it’s open).

And then move on to adding clips, descriptions, and settings sheets. To add a video, click on the appropriate button on the right.
Here we have three options:

  • By the key query.
  • By URL (link).
  • And your YouTube videos. If you create a playlist with videos of your channel, it is more convenient to use this option.

In fact, from the entire list of videos, choose those that fit into this playlist. By the way, if you need, the same video can be saved in several playlists.

Creating and setting up a playlist on Youtube

There is another option for adding videos to playlists. It might be more practical for you.

Go into the Video Manager, check the boxes next to the clips you want, and click the “Add to” в†’ “New Playlist” tab at the top. You can also add videos to playlists you’ve already created.

Now Let’s Go Over The Basic Settings..

The first thing we should do is a description of our playlist. It will also be shown on the channel’s main page when we add it as a section.

To add a description, click on the link of the same name under the playlist’s name, type a couple of sentences about it in the field (you can include appropriate keywords), and click “Done.”

youtube on the screen

Regarding settings: they are common for the entire playlist and each video.

In general settings, you can set privacy (open access, by link, restricted). Set sorting parameters, add new videos to the beginning, etc. If we leave the sorting manually, we can drag and drop the videos in the desired order.

In addition, you can also enable the auto-addition of new videos to the playlist by creating a rule (by tags, by specified words in the title or description). And here, we can also delete the playlist when needed.
Settings for each video appear when we hover the mouse over its playback time. It looks like this:

Clicking on the cross will exclude the video, and in the “More” tab, we can move it up/down the list, make it the cover of the playlist (by default, the cover is the video that plays first), and change the start and end time of playback.

youtube on the tablet

Another interesting thing about the editing menu is the “Share” tab. We can share playlists on social networks and embed them on the site using HTML code.

All your created playlists will be displayed in the corresponding tab on the channel. Here, by clicking on the name, you will be able to get to the editing menu and make any necessary edits.