How To Unlock iPhone 4. 15 Ways To Unlock It. Types Of iPhone Lock

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A password can be used to lock an iPhone. This is a good way to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. But how to unlock iPhone 4? A code that restricts access to bank cards, personal photos, and social networks is used to secure your iPhone’s access to contacts, messages, and other information.

The password is also easy to forget. Some people can manage to keep their smartphones charged for the day. No need to despair. This article will show you how to unlock four iPhones if your password is forgotten. There is another option that does not result in data loss. In other cases, unlocking your iPhone 4 will erase all data.

Types Of iPhone Lock

Let’s first understand what the terms mean before we explain how to unlock the iPhone 4s. Two types of iPhone locking are available: Password to log in and lock the device under a particular mobile service provider.

Password Locking

When you ask how to unlock iPhone 4, the answer is “Screen lock with password.” The access code can be set in the phone’s settings and can consist of 4 or 6 characters. Apple offers an opportunity to unlock iPhone 4 s via iTunes and iCloud.

Locking By Operator

It is common to bind phones to specific mobile operators in America and Europe. This will make the phone much less expensive for the owner. However, the iPhone can only be used with the SIM card provided by the provider to whom the contract was signed. Such devices can also be resold under semi-legal agreements in other countries. These devices can be blocked by either the operator himself or using technical means. This article does not discuss this topic.

How To Unlock iPhone 4s/4s

unlock iPhone 4

Apple offers two ways to unlock your iPhone if the password is lost. iTunes and iCloud allow you to reset your access code. Both cases require you to have access to your Apple ID. Using iCloud will enable the “Find iPhone” option in the phone settings. Let’s take a look at each option and show you how to unlock the iPhone 4s if your apple ID password is forgotten.

Unlocking Via iTunes

It is easiest to unlock your phone by changing the password using iTunes. This will allow you to unlock your phone without deleting any of your personal information. The program can also delete your phone’s data and passwords. If you haven’t made backups, you can download a backup file and continue to use your phone with all of the information previously uploaded.

Restore With Data Saving

Only if you have already synced your iPhone to your computer and created an Apple ID account in iTunes can you save your data. Start iTunes by connecting your smartphone to your computer. Once the iPhone has been synchronized, click the “Browse ” tab. Click “Restore iPhone …”.” in the general device information block. This will update your operating system and reset your password. Your phone’s information will not be changed.

Restore Without Saving Information

If you find the above method inconvenient, you may have to lose data. This option is safe if you make backups regularly. After you reset the password, you will be able to restore it from the backup.

This method unlocks your phone by activating Recovery Mode or DFU emergency mode. These steps will allow you to enter Recovery Mode:

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Hold the Home button down and press it.

Hold down the Home key to connect your smartphone and computer. Wait for the iTunes icon to appear with the USB cable.

iTunes will display a window after you launch it. This window indicates that your phone is in recovery mode. Next, follow the steps as before. The restore will update iOS, reset all settings to factory defaults, delete information and clear the password.

Unlocking Via iCloud

It also wipes out all data from your iPhone. This is a remote wipe of your smartphone. It can also be used to protect personal information in the event of a loss. This option can only be used if the “Find iPhone” option has been activated previously on the smartphone. Connect the iPhone to your iCloud account from a computer connected to the Internet. Find your iPhone under the “All Devices” tab. Click on it, then click “Erase iPhone” in the open window. Next, enter your Apple ID code to remotely erase your data.

Apple iCloude icon

You will need to also restore your Apple ID password if you have lost it. You can do this by selecting “Forgot Apple ID password” on the account login screen. Answer the security questions and choose to send your password via a trusted email address. This option is available if you set it when creating your account.

Use An Emergency Call

This feature was only available in older iOS versions. The loophole has been closed in the newer firmware. Now, if your phone is locked, you can only make an urgent call using the emergency button. Here’s how to proceed if your smartphone’s firmware is outdated.

Turn on your smartphone and tap on “Emergency call” on the screen.
Dial the emergency number , and the call will be immediately reset.

  • Hold down the “Power” button until the “Power off” slider appears. Then press “Cancel.”
  • Once the slider is visible, press the Power button once more. Then press the “Emergency Call” button.

How To Crack Passwords After Jailbreak

Your phone may have been jailbroken, which is a special process for hacking a smartphone to gain access to its file system and disable iOS restrictions. If this happens, the above password reset methods may not work. SemiRestore is a utility designed for hacking phones.

SemiRestore for iOS7

Connect your smartphone to your computer by downloading and installing the program. Start the application, and wait for your device to be recognized. Next, click the “SemiRestore” button and wait for it to finish. This option erases all data on the device but activates the Jailbreak.

How To Unlock iPhone 4s, 4S Screen

What do you do if an iPhone is locked with a passcode? You can reset the password by using the information you saved if the original Apple cord is available and iTunes is installed. You may be able to do it on your 4S. If you’re unsuccessful, wait for an incoming phone call or reset your smartphone using the instructions below.

Reflashing To Reset The Password

If the iPhone is locked, there is no other way to restore it. First, you need to prepare to flash the phone:

  1. Install and turn on iTunes, visit the Help menu and check for updates. You will need the latest version of the program to be able to work with your phone.
  2. Connect your iPhone with the original cable to your computer; Click on the phone icon in the application, and go to the iPhone menu. A menu will be displayed where you will work.

Even an inexperienced user can unlock 3gs by himself by pressing the “Repair” key. The application will download the current version of the firmware from official sources and then install it on your device. Then with the help of the same application, you will be able to restore the user data from the previously saved backups.

But this method is not without disadvantages:

  1. The latest version of the operating system takes a lot of free space (1.5 GB), so the process takes quite a long time.
  2. If while trying to unlock 3gs Internet connection will be lost or Apple servers will be unavailable, you will have to perform the procedure all over again.

Installing The Special Firmware

More advanced users can download the appropriate firmware version and use it during installation. To unlock 3gs via this method, you will need to perform similar steps:

  1. Download the latest firmware for your phone model.
  2. In the open window iTunes, click “Repair” while holding down the ShIft key on your keyboard if you have a Windows P.C., or ALT if you work under Mac OS.
  3. Next, it won’t be difficult to unlock the 3gs. An explorer window will be displayed, where you need to find the downloaded firmware file and open it. Afterward, the procedure will proceed automatically. You will be able to unlock the 3gs after it goes into Recovery Mode. Then it will be reflashed and rebooted. You will only need to specify the interface language and region, connect to iTunes and select the “As New” setting for your iPhone.

Next, you will be asked to set a password, but you do not have to do this to not forget it again. On startup, you will see that you have a “clean” iPhone a1387 with the factory settings.

Resetting Password

Described method doesn’t always allow to avoid password resetting mistakes. Unlocking will be most reliable in forcing the phone into DFU mode, which differs from the Recovery mode. The latter rather reset the system to factory defaults by wiping the user data, while DFU is a boot loader mode, which erases the phone memory and then reinstalls the system.

Unlocking can be done manually, but it will be irretrievably lost if you forget to make a backup copy of the data.
The sequence of actions will be as follows:

Disconnect the phone, and then use the original cable to connect it to your computer with iTunes installed on it. Put it into DFU mode. This is done as follows:

enter in DFU mode

  • Press the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Hold down the Home key for 10 seconds without releasing the power button.
  • Release the power button and hold the Home key until the device goes into DFU mode.

Unlocking begins by selecting the phone in iTunes and then pressing the “Restore” key with the Shift key held down. Next, the phone is unlocked in the same way as we described above. All further actions are performed automatically. Probably, you will not manage to enter DFU mode on the first attempt, especially if it is your first experience. If the device enters Recovery mode, the corresponding image of the media player icon will appear on display. If you go into DFU, the screen will be black or white and will not respond to keystrokes. But iTunes will be able to see the locked device and will indicate that it is in Recovery mode. Pay no attention to this moment. Act according to the pattern mentioned above.

Restore Apple ID Data

Unlock the iPhone 4 itself is not so difficult if you remember the password from your Apple ID. But if the data is forgotten and you have no way to remember it, then even after reflashing using DFU mode, you will not be able to unlock the phone without logging in to your profile. In such a case, the procedure becomes more complicated. Besides, with the activated “Find Phone” option, the phone is automatically bound to your Apple ID account, so reflashing won’t solve the problem.

Unlocking must be done strictly by official methods, especially since there are no effective hacking methods.
Official methods are few, but they are legal and work:

  1. Go to the page, where you need to enter the mailbox attached during registration, which serves as an identifier in the Apple ID. Then you should press the continue key.
  2. Choosing the confirmation method by Email attached to the account, you will receive an SMS notification, which will contain a link. By clicking on it, you will be able to change the password.

If you have lost access to the linked Email, try to correctly answer the secret questions you specified during the registration procedure.
If none of the methods helped solve the problem, you have to contact technical support, which will help you restore access to your profile.

15 Ways To Unlock iPhone

Apple products are characterized by good workmanship and a high degree of protection. The programmers have perfectly protected the data in the ecosystem. But the increased security becomes excessive and turns against the user. Today let’s find out how to unlock your iPhone with your own hands. Let’s look at all the ways to remove protection.

iPhone 4 box

The instructions are universal and will work for all models: 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s,6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s, 6s Plus, S.E., 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini.

Main Methods:

  • Via third-party software.
  • Via iTunes in recovery mode.
  • Via DFU mode.
  • Reset the invalid attempts counter.
  • Retrieve the Apple ID password.
  • With Technical Support.
  • Via iCloud.

Basic Ways

The iPhone lock can be removed in different ways. Some are unofficial, but such manipulations can take the device out of warranty. Therefore, we will start with the official methods, which are not always on the surface.
We want to warn you against online scammers. Today there are a lot of “miracle sites” promising to sell a miracle unlocking program for $100-200. Don’t be fooled by this; even an Apple employee won’t help you. The corporate structure is built so that nothing is tied to one person. You will understand if you restore access through the official technical support (about this below).

Via Third-party Software

Tenorshare 4uKey is a great tool to unlock iPhones and help unlock iOs. A complete list of functions of the application is on the developer’s official website. There is also an installation distributive of the program. To bypass iPhone or Apple ID activation blocking, we recommend the 4Mekey program.

Tenorshare 4MeKey Fast removes iCloud activation lock without password

After downloading and installing the software, follow the instructions:

  • Step 1. Run the program and connect your iPhone /iPad to your computer via USB cable.
  • Step 2. After the P.C. recognizes the smartphone, click “Start” to remove the iPhone access code.
  • Step 3. Before unlocking the password on your iPhone, download the latest iOS firmware online.
  • Step 4. When the software is downloaded to your computer, click “Start Uninstall” to start iOs recovery without access code.
  • Step 5. The whole process takes a few minutes. Please keep your device wired to your computer or laptop until the system is fully restored.
  • Step 6. When the iPhone access code is successfully removed, set up your iPhone as new, including access code, touch I.D. and face I.D.

Via Itunes

The iOs system is set up to lock and deactivate your device independently. The lock is activated after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter a password or fingerprint. This deletes all personal data from the internal memory. This is done to prevent fraudsters from accessing users’ personal information: photos, videos, documents, payment data, etc.

To restore access (including password code) and data of iTunes:

  1. Connect your cell phone to P.C. with the standard cable with a lightning plug and enter iTunes.
  2. To forcibly restart the X, XS, and X.R., iPhone 8, and 8 Plus – quickly press the volume up key, then immediately decrease the volume. Immediately after that, press the side button until the gadget’s display shows recovery mode.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus versions: press the side button and the volume up key simultaneously.
The younger versions of iPhone 6s phones: press the Home button and the top or side key.

  1. Select ” restore the phone ” from the menu that opens and select “restore the phone.”
  2. If the user has previously made backups, the system will offer to restore from them. Confirm the action.

After the manipulation, you can re-configure the smartphone and use it fully.

The next option is the recovery mode. However, it works only if the user knows the Apple ID of the device and has access to iCloud, to which the device is tied. Be careful! If you enter inaccurate information when the “Find Phone” function is active, the phone will simply “brick.” The method is suitable for versions from 6 to X.R.:

  1. Turn off your device and connect it to your P.C.
  2. In the new menu, select the “Recovery Mode” item.
  3. Launch iTunes and click the “OK” button, then click “Restore iPhone.” If the notification about checking for updates appears, click on the “Check” button.
  4. On the next screen, click “Restore and Update.”

The program will warn you that all the data will be deleted from the smartphone. Now you need to select the version of iOs to install, confirm the user agreement and wait for the firmware to be downloaded. Do not disconnect the gadget until the end of the update and recovery. Some iOs versions weigh more than 3 G.B. Downloading firmware may take more than 30 minutes if you have a slow internet connection.

Installing New Firmware Via DFU Mode

Special low-level DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is used for debugging the phone without loading graphical shell iOs. It is used in case other soft reset procedures fail. First, you need to enter DFU mode. For different iPhone models, the entry algorithm will be slightly different:

For the 6 and 6S versions: hold down the two Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.
For versions 7 and 7 Plus:

  1. Connect your smartphone to iTunes.
  2. Press the two “volume down” and “on” keys. Hold them down until iOs turn-off.

Once DFU mode starts, the cell phone screen will be black, with no Apple-branded icon. A message will appear on the iTunes interface to check for updates. After that, the system will prompt the user to update the firmware. Usually, everything goes automatically.

iPhone 4 side view

For the latest versions of iPhones:
Connect your phone with a USB cable.
Press Volume Down and Side Button simultaneously. Hold them down for 10 seconds until the screen goes dark. Then release the side key.

Then you need to install the latest firmware by the analogy of working through “Recovery Mode.” It’s worth downloading a verified IPSW-file from the Internet beforehand. Otherwise, the smartphone will offer to find the update itself. This can lead to a long wait and constant resets hanging the interface and the system.

Reset The Counter Of Incorrect Attempts

If you are sure that you remember the password but exceeded the number of incorrect entry attempts, you can try to reset the counter.
Important note: Before the reset procedure, the smartphone must be synced with iTunes.
There are two ways to reset the counter: simple and complex. The user simply leaves the cell phone to “rest” for 15-20 minutes in the first case. After that, they enter the code again. But it also happens that all attempts have been used.

For example, when a child plays with the phone. In this case, the second option of resetting is resorted to:

  1. Connect the smartphone to the P.C. via a USB cable.
  2. In the iTunes menu, select the item “Device,” then select “Synchronize with …” where instead of dots, specify the device’s name.
  3. The synchronization procedure will start. Stop it with the “X.” The program will ask you to enter the password again. Enter the numbers, this time without errors.

Recover Apple ID Password

If the cell phone is “in working order,” you can enter the settings or Apple ID, but the password is lost or forgotten. There are two ways to proceed:

  1. Two-factor authentication is set.
  2. It is disabled.

First, it’s worth checking to see if the mobile will let you change the code from the settings menu or not. Go (at the top of the menu) “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store and ….”. в†’ “Password and security,” в†’ “Change password,” в†’ and “Enter the passcode from the iPhone you have in your hand.

If it does not work, you will have to restore access through a special service on the official Apple website:

Enter your Apple Id and follow the system instructions. There is nothing difficult, as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Remotely Through The Service iCloud

Another method that allows you to remove restrictions from your iPhone remotely. In this case, the unlocking procedure is similar to the previous point. Only the user does not use iTunes, but iCloud:

  1. Go to the cloud service from any device and log into your account under your own Apple ID.
  2. Find “All devices” and select your smartphone.
  3. Click the Erase line on your iPhone.

Then the device will be deleted and unlocked. The method works because the “Find Smartphone” function was previously enabled. Also, you will need to connect the gadget to the Wi-Fi network for unlocking.

If Nothing Worked

The smartphone still does not start or write Apple ID deactivated (many entered the wrong code). You will have to find the box and the receipt from the iPhone and go to the nearest official service center or contact technical support. But be prepared that you will be asked about the previous authorizations, secret codes, the date of purchase of the device (have the receipt ready), and other tricky questions. Sometimes employees ask for a scan of the document confirming the purchase from an official representative, be prepared for this.

iPhone 4 backside

If you lose the receipt, you will have to restore it and contact the store where you purchased the cell phone. The employees will have to provide you with a copy of the documents, restore them from the archive, or issue a receipt with an iPhone serial number. Check the paper must have a stamp and signature on it.

After sending a package of documents, you will have to wait about a week. After that, you will receive an email with a hash link to unlink the iPhone from the lost account.

Thus the gadget will remain under warranty, and in the case of what, it will be possible to try to pass or exchange it for a working device.

If the technology was purchased by hand (the seller did not give you all the receipts and documents) or was imported “under the gray schemes,” the technical support will not help you.
If the device is out of warranty, you can try many other ways which may help to remove the lock.

Exotic Variants

The following options the user performs at his own risk. These actions require certain skills and understanding of the P.C. and iOs at a deeper level. Be careful and think a few times before removing the lock with these methods. Some options are not available for “mere mortals,” but they are worth mentioning.

Set Jailbreak

Install Jailbreak, essentially hack iOs. But it must be warned that this method does not guarantee 100% that the cellular network will work, i.e., the device will not see the sim card, but the Internet will work via Wi-Fi.

Through DNS Spoofing

The first way is quite simple but requires attention to data entry. First, you need to exit the Apple ID data entry menu to the Wi-Fi network selection page via the “back” button.
Next, do the following:

  1. Next to the line with the active Wi-Fi network, click on the “i” icon. Your phone will open a menu with network settings.
  2. At the bottom, find the DNS settings and click on this item. In the new window, select the “manually” line.
  3. A little lower, you will see the line “add server.” Click on it and then delete the old data on the line above.
  4. Then you need to enter the DNS-server of one of the countries: USA (, Europe (, Asia ( Judging by user reviews, the American server is the most stable. Enter the numbers without the brackets.
  5. After entering the DNS server, click “save” at the top of the screen.
  6. Reboot your smartphone to keep the new settings up to date. Wait for the device to boot up.
  7. Next, set the primary language settings and select the Wi-Fi network in which the new DNS server has been entered.

After the successful connection to the server, an additional menu will open at the bottom of the screen, through which you can manage the basic functions of the smartphone. For example, watch Youtube, surf the Internet, go to V.K., check Email, etc. This is not a full-fledged iOs but a special shell that gives access to basic functions by substituting the DNS server.

iMyFone LockWiper

Another program that allows you not only to reset the password but also to erase Face ID data. You can download the installation file from the official website.
Download the free version of the program, then:

  1. Connect the smartphone to the P.C. with a USB cable. Run iMyFone LockWiper.
  2. Press the blue “Start” button in the program interface, then enter the pin code that the application will offer you. Usually, it is “00000”.
  3. The message “Unlock is Complete” will appear in the window when the process is completed.

Attention, during the initial launch, the utility may update the iOs version. This will take time. Do not disconnect your smartphone from your P.C.

Why iOS Protection Works Worse In DFU Mode

This mode is invented for the service and engineering maintenance of Apple equipment. It has no limit on the number of password entries to turn on. Theoretically, the user can pick a pin code by brute force. There are many programs, as well as additional gadgets, to simplify this task.

How To Bypass Face ID

The 2020 versions of iOs are no longer as hole-in-the-wall in terms of Face ID as they used to be. The sensor was tricked by a special mask with glued sections of the real photo of the nose and eyes. Also, craftsmen noticed a failure of the recognition algorithm when wearing glasses. The system didn’t read the area behind the lenses.

How to bypass Face ID

So it was easy to fool the system by putting glasses with glazed lenses on a sleeping person. Today, it is no longer possible to fool the system by simply manipulating a photo or a sleeping person.

How To Fool The Fingerprint Scanner

Touch ID saves all fingerprint data in a special place on the media – Secure Enclave. Therefore, it is impossible to copy the fingerprint from the right place in the storage. When you click on the sensor, the data is processed, comparing the stored digital impression and the one attached to the fingerprint sensor in RAM.
Some craftsmen say that it is possible to take a mold of the fingerprint from the surface of the touch or display itself. Then print it on a silicone base in a 3D printer with high-quality printing. This method is expensive and not very reliable, as the number of attempts is limited.

Another method that sometimes works on the iPhone 5S is applying a printed image of the fingerprint on a regular printer. It is worth noting that the quality of the picture must be at least 2400 dpi.

How To Access With A Single Message

Experts from Google Project Zero found vulnerability number CVE-2019-8641. It opens access to logins, passwords, SMS conversations, and email messages. They generated a special message that was sent to the right Apple ID. The message unlocked a built-in iOs security called ASLR. Attackers gained access to the data. Since the end of 2019, the vulnerability was fixed, but as the experts clarified, such system holes are enough.

How To Bypass The Blocking Of Voice Commands

Owners of iOs version 12 should urgently update! Otherwise, their iPhone can be hacked with the Siri voice assistant. Hacking algorithm:

  1. On the locked gadget, call the “VoiceOver” service.
  2. Call the jailbroken iPhone from another cell phone.
  3. At the moment of the call, press “reply with a message,” then enter the symbol “+” (without quotation marks).

Then a special message is sent to the phone of the hacked device, which causes a program failure. The smartphone opens access to messages and calls. Versions 13 and 14 of iOs no longer contain this bug.

How To Hack Security With Ultrasound

This hacking method was tested at Washington University in St. Louis. This method also works with an active voice assistant. The testers used a piezoelectric transducer to transmit ultrasonic commands to the cell phone. An ordinary table served as a conductor. And the presence of a case on the phone did not save against hacking. On the contrary, it only helped to strengthen the signal.

How to hack security with ultrasound

Such sound waves are not audible to the human ear, but the gadget electronics “hears” them very well. After exposure to sound, the smartphone sent SMS, made calls, and even opened access to basic functions. To avoid this kind of hacking, you need to put a mark in Siri to respond to the owner’s voice commands but not to any user.

How Do They Break Passwords Using Cellebrite?

In Israel, craftsmen from Cellebrite are ready to crack any iPhone in just 24 hours. However, this kind of guarantee only applies to breaking into the walls of the headquarters. The hacking devices are proprietary hardware. It only works when connected to Cellebrite’s server.

There are ready-made kits (hardware + software) on large marketplaces. The starting price for such hardware starts at $15,000. There are outdated kits that cost an order of magnitude cheaper. But they usually do not work on newer versions of iOs.

How GrayKey Works

This device is only available to law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada. GrayKey is a small box that can hack an iPhone in minutes. For example, it takes just over 10 minutes to crack a 4-digit password.
The principle of operation is similar to the equipment from the company Cellebrite. However, the company’s specialists are asking $18,000 for their development. The device is sold only to law enforcement agencies, with no exceptions.

How MagiCube Guesses A Password Code

Another expensive model of hardware for hacking. This time from China. The developers themselves boast that their device can work many times faster than similar from the U.S. or Israel. The official name is “IDC-8811 Forensic MagiCube”. The developer – is the company Xiamen Meiya Pico Information.

The only drawback: the device does not unlock the iPhone. It simply copies all the data from the internal storage.


Let’s look at some questions users have when trying to unlock their gadgets.

How Do I Know My Apple ID?

One of the main components of iOs security is the user’s account (Email). In other words – Apple ID. Without it, it is impossible to do some manipulations with the smartphone. The official page through which you can find out or restore the I.D.

To restore the information, you need to enter the name, surname, and mail you specified during the initial registration. If you do not have the necessary information, you will need to contact technical support or an authorized service center to have the phone receipt and the box from it.

You can also find your Apple ID in iTunes in the account tab. This information can also be viewed on iCloud. When you run the program on your P.C., you need to click on “Account Information. An additional way is to see mail on another device that is also tied to the same ID. This can be a MacBook or other Apple gadget. On the other device, go to “settings” and find the Apple ID tab.

Found It On The Street. How To Open The Device

If you found an iPhone and it has a message like this on the screen, “this iPhone has been lost, please call me,” the user has remotely put a password on the device. The primary code can be removed using the methods described above. However, at the first attempt to load, a window will appear on the screen, which will say that the gadget is in lost mode. The device will require you to enter the owner’s Apple ID and password. We recommend you return the cell phone to the owner. You will not be able to fully use the stolen or found the cell phone. Maybe even remuneration will fall over.

Account Deactivated

If the user has entered an incorrect Apple ID password a few times, it may happen. In this case, the account is deactivated. To restore full access, you will need to call the hotline: 8-800 333 51 73. It is worth preparing in advance the receipt of the device’s purchase. Full instructions are provided above.

How to recover photos, videos, and other information if the message says iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes

This message indicates that all the data on your smartphone has been deleted. It is possible to recover data if the user has previously synchronized data with iTunes or the cloud service iCloud. To restore the information, you will have to enter the cellular in DFU mode and fill in a fresh version of iOS (more details in the article above). During the initial setup, the system will load personal information, photos, videos, and other content from iCloud.

If Jailbreak was installed

Jailbreak is a procedure for breaking into the base O.S. to install custom firmware. It disables some of the functions, so you can’t regain access with basic methods. On older versions of iPhones, SemiRestore can work. The utility will delete the owner’s personal information without deleting the Jailbreak itself.
Algorithm of unlocking:

  1. Install official SemiRestore program on your P.C.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your P.C. using a USB cable.
  3. When the program sees the smartphone, press the “SemiRestore” button.

The phone will turn on and off several times and then boot up with the original settings without locking.

Major errors when connecting to iTunes

During a lock recovery or reset, the most common error is “Failed to recover iPhone (device name). (error code).” The most common error numbers are 9, 4005, 4013, and 4014. They occur due to improper connection by cable or other reasons. Ways to solve:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Download the latest version of the software.
  2. Check the integrity of the cable and lightning plug and USB socket on P.C. and smartphone. They should be free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  3. Perform a forced reboot of the iPhone.
  4. When a recovery or update message appears, click the “Update” button only after all updates try to restore the device.

What To Do If iCloud Activation Lock Is Activated

Such a message indicates that the device is locked on Apple’s servers. Most likely, the iPhone is locked by the owner himself through the application “Locator.” The app has the “Mark as Missing” feature enabled, and the phone is automatically entered into Missing Mode.

Removing such a lock can be done through technical support. And only if the gadget has a “Clean” status. If the status is “Lost” (message on display – “this device has been lost and erased”), the device can safely be sold for parts. You will not be able to remove the lock. To request the activation of the device, you will need to provide technical support with the purchase information (receipt) and other information that specialists may ask for.

How Many Attempts Does The User Have To Enter The Wrong Code?

The user is given 10 attempts to enter the password, after which the device is blocked. After the 5th attempt, the device will require a one-minute break. After the 7th attempt, iOs will “hang” for 15 minutes. You are given about 3 hours to enter all 10 times. There is a way to reset the counter of attempts told above.

iTunes Does Not See The Disconnected Device

In this case, you can consider the option when the device is broken. It is not possible to enter DFU mode to remove the lock. To remove the password and restart the mobile, we recommend using the RecBoot program:

  1. Download the software to your computer and install it.
  2. Connect your smartphone to your P.C. and run RecBoot.
  3. Press the “Enter Recovery” button in the program window.

The phone will reboot in DFU mode.

Will it work without a computer

In theory, you can unlock your phone without a PC. You can recover your Apple ID and passwords through the official website or technical support.

Is It Possible To Track A Disconnected Cell Phone?

Any mobile device gives a signal if it does not have a disconnected battery. As long as there is a charge, the handset can be tracked. Especially since on iPhones, the battery is not simply removed. However, this method will require knowing the IMEI of the device, as well as having a contract with a mobile operator.

Another way to find a lost phone is to turn on the “Find iPhone” function. Plus, check the “Mark as lost” option. The smartphone won’t be visible when turned off, but it will lock the system the first time you turn it on, and you can see its location in the Locator app.

How To Format A Locked Device

The best programs to use are 4uKey or iMyFone LockWiper. They work on the principle of deleting all data from the device, followed by installing a fresh version of iOs. Detailed instructions on working with these programs can be found in the article above.

How To View IMEI When Locked Active

The easiest way is to look at the case at the bottom of the cell phone. Other than that: in the documentation or on the box. IMEI is a 15-digit number that any cell phone has. The IMEI is also displayed when the device is put into diagnostic mode. On different models, it is activated by a combination of keys:

  • On versions up to 6 plus: press the “volume up” key and the “home” button, then immediately insert the power cord.
  • On later versions: Press the volume up and down key simultaneously, then immediately insert the power cord.

The display will show “Diagnostic.” Locate the “i” icon in the lower right corner of this screen. Click on it. A new window will display information about your iPhone, including the IMEI number.

Can I See Contacts, Photos, And Other Data?

No, only if you can restore access to the device or deploy an archived copy saved via iTunes or iCloud.

How To Activate If There Is No SIM Card

Without a SIM card, the smartphone will show the message “SIM card is not installed” and will not let the user continue. To bypass this restriction, you can use R-SIM. This is a special SIM card with a chip that masquerades as a SIM card of the home network. But it is not often found in the open sale.

The simpler way is to activate your iPhone via iTunes. It works if the device is not tied to a specific network:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your P.C. with a USB cable.
  2. The program will show the message “Install a new iPhone or restore from backup.” Click “Install as new iPhone,” confirm the action.
  3. After that, the “Synchronize with iTunes” option will open. Click “Start,” followed by “Synchronize.”

If everything is done correctly, the iPhone will pass the activation.

Is It Possible To Get To The Menu With An Emergency Call?

Tricking the system in this way will not work. The user will only be able to see the medical card data, name, and the number of a relative to contact, if such has been entered in the profile data.

The Seller Blocked The Device After You Bought It From Him And Asked For Money

Most likely, this is a fraud, and you have fallen into the clutches of a criminal. Such cases are quite common. To avoid being cheated, ask the seller to give you the receipt and the box from the machine. Otherwise, the previous owner should write a receipt that he gave you the smartphone at the agreed price. The document should include the passport details of the seller and the buyer. With this paper, you can go to the police.

How The Password Protection System Works In iOS

The iOS operating system and all Apple products are considered one of the most secure. The primary protection to remove the lock is a digital code, fingerprint scanner, and Face ID. But these are not all the degrees of protection that puts iOs. The gadgets also provide:

  1. Apple ID password (it is also used in iCloud).
  2. A special password for iTunes backup.
  3. Protection from the above reset methods: “Screen time password.”
  4. Two-factor identification code. Used optionally.

The most common cipher is a pin code, which must be entered when starting the smartphone to unlock the screen.

How To Protect Against Hacking

It’s almost impossible to completely protect yourself from hacking. If there is a password, it can be cracked. But, for example, to find a 10-digit combination, you’ll have to spend more than a year or use the resources of a supercomputer.

It’s also worth setting the “Find iPhone” feature. This will help turn off the device in advance or look at its location on the map through the app “Locator. Another proven way is to set up Face ID. On new versions of iOs, this protection works reliably and stably.

How To Unlock A Chinese iPhone

There is no such thing as a Chinese iPhone. You have on your hands a fake one running on Android. Instructions for Android devices are here.

So, we figured out how to unlock the iPhone. We recommend the official methods:

  1. Through iTunes (in recovery mode, through installing new firmware from DFU mode).
  2. Restore the Apple ID password.
  3. Icloud.
  4. Reset the wrong attempts counter.

These methods are reliable and safe. Of the exotic ways, the most working ones are the programs: 4uKey, iMyFone LockWiper, and a temporary solution – swapping DNS servers. The rest of the methods the user tries at his own risk.