How To Make Google Maps Your Default App On iPhone. What You Need To Know

Users of iOS 14 are able to change the default email, music, and browsers, but the mapping service is unaffected. To make Google Maps the ‘default’ map app on your iPhone, these steps are necessary.

You might be curious as to why this is, and the quick explanation is that Apple turned iOS into a closed software ecosystem. In other words, if at all possible, stick with Apple products rather than alternatives made by third parties.

Google Maps is your default mapping app on an iPhone

The only way to make Google Maps your default mapping app on an iPhone is to jailbreak it. But doing so violates Apple’s Terms of Service and nullifies any previous guarantees. If you don’t know how to jailbreak a device, don’t do it.

Your iPhone must run iOS 14 or a later version in order to use any of the methods listed below. You cannot set new default apps in any earlier versions.

Open the Settings app, and then tap Maps to make Google Maps your default map app. Select Google Maps from the “Default Maps App” menu.

How To Make Google Maps Always Open On iOS

Apple’s long-standing flaw of choosing default apps in iOS is no secret. The previous version of Apple’s operating software made it easier to locate directions using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. However, this is not the case anymore.

The old workarounds, such as Siri and being able to open another app from Apple Maps, no longer work.

Google maps is default apps in iOS

Sticking to as many Google products and apps as possible is one of the best ways to ensure your directions are open on Google Maps. Google Maps will automatically open the address links that you have clicked in these Google apps.

Google Search, Chrome and Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and Google Mail are your best friends. Even if Safari is your preferred browser, you can still use Google Search (Safari default). Your directions will open in Google Maps. (Clicking an address in Google Calendar opens it in Google Maps or Waze.

There are, however, some important caveats. It’s actually quite simple to use a non-Gmail address with Google services.

The Gmail app for iOS doesn’t allow you to add third-party accounts, Google Apps, or open emailed addresses in Google Maps. There is no alternative to Google for iMessage and Apple Contacts, which are easily accessible on your smartphone.

Check Your App Settings

You might also want to check your favorite apps for how they handle map links. While addresses sent to iMessage will default to Apple Maps, you can select which map app you want to open it in if you receive an address via WhatsApp. Tap on the address to open it and then tap the “Share” button. You should be able to see Google Maps as an option to create a route to the destination if you have Google Maps installed.

Copy The Address

Although this is an automated process, you can still tap and hold the Copy Address. The address can be copied to Google Maps. This is not an elegant solution to a problem Apple doesn’t want to fix.

Apple will continue to do all it can to ensure iPhone users use their default apps. We don’t think that this will change any time soon. These basic workarounds will allow you to search for directions on Google Maps in the interim.

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Jailbreak iPhone Permits You To Make Google Maps The Default

Many iPhone users have used Google Maps and are critical of Apple Maps. Apple doesn’t provide a way for Google Maps to open from pages on websites or through Siri.

Jailbreak Iphone permits you to make Google Maps the default

Hackers from jailbreak have prepared MapsOpener, a new utility that will make Google Maps the default mapping. It is now available in Cydia’s Big Boss repository.

The FullForce jailbreak team will also adapt Google Maps for display on the large iPad screen this week.

Change the default apps for the iPhone.

Apple is known for restricting the customization options that iPhone owners have. Every iPhone comes pre-installed with certain apps. Users can remove certain pre-installed applications, and they can use the default app to perform their functions or tasks.
What if you don’t like the built-in apps? You can choose to use Google Maps rather than Apple Maps to find directions.

What Are The Default Apps That Work On An Iphone?

When it comes to apps for the iPhone, “defaults” refers to two things. They are pre-installed applications. The second meaning is that default apps are the ones that are used for certain tasks. Safari is the default browser when you click on a link in an email. Safari is the default browser for your iPhone. Apple Maps launches when a website contains a physical address.

There are many apps that can do the same thing. Google Maps can be used as an alternative navigation app. Many people prefer Spotify to stream music or Chrome to surf the Web. These apps can be installed on any iPhone. What if you prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps? What if you prefer links to open in Chrome?

Bad News For Most Users

We have bad news for most iPhone users who wish to change the default apps. Your iPhone cannot choose its default apps. Apple doesn’t allow you to change certain settings, as we mentioned before. The default app selection is one of these settings.

Apple doesn't allow choosing default apps

Apple doesn’t allow these settings as it wants iPhone users to have the exact same experience. Apple wants every iPhone user to have the same experience, so it makes sure that its apps are the default setting.

Apple’s apps are also used by default because they bring more users to the company. Consider the Music app. Apple Music has more than 35 million customers who have made it their default music app. This is more than $350million in monthly revenue. Apple would lose some customers if it allowed Spotify to be installed automatically by customers.

It’s not the best experience for everyone, but it is good for some customers and good for Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change The Default Navigation App On My Iphone?

Yes, you can use Google Maps on your iPhone. However, you may need to download the Google Maps app from the App Store.

How Do I Make Google Maps My Default Map?

To make Google Maps the default map app on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Maps. Under “Default Map App,” select Google Maps.

Can I Use Google Maps On My Iphone?

Yes, you can use Google Maps on your iPhone. Google Maps is a built-in app on your iPhone.

How Do I Turn On Google Maps While Driving My Iphone?

There is an app called Google Maps that you can use while driving. It will keep a map on your screen while you are driving.

Is The iPhone Map Better Than Google Maps?

There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on personal preference. Some people are more comfortable using the iPhone map, while others prefer Google Maps.

Why Does Google Maps Constantly Turn Off On My Iphone?

Google Maps has been known to disconnect on iPhone devices for various reasons. One possibility is that the app is not updated. Another possibility is that there is not enough free space to store the app on your device.

How Do I Make Google Maps My Default On iPhone iOS 15?

To make Google Maps the default mapping app on your iPhone running iOS 15, you need to open the Settings app and tap Maps. Scroll down until you see the “Default Map App” setting. Click on it and select Google Maps.

Can Siri Use Google Maps?

Yes, Siri can use Google Maps. You can ask Siri to give you directions to a place, and it will use Google Maps to provide them.

How To Make Google Maps The Default On iPhone Carplay

Open the Settings app and go to Maps to make Google Maps the default navigation app on your iPhone Carplay. Under “Default Navigation App,” tap “Google Maps.

Why Is Google Maps Different On The Iphone?

Google Maps is different on the iPhone because Apple created a version of the app that uses its map data. Google has its version of Maps for Android devices that uses its map data.

How To Make Google Maps The Default In Your iPhone Calendar

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll down and tap “Calendar.”
Tap “Default Calendar,” and then tap “Google Maps.”
Close the Settings app and open the Calendar app to check it.

How To Set Google Maps As Default On WhatsApp iPhone

To set Google Maps as the default mapping app on your iPhone:

Open the Settings app.

  • Tap on Maps.
  • Tap on the default maps app.
  • Select Google Maps.