Fixing Chromebook Keyboard Not Working. Here’s What You Need To Know

Fixing Chromebook Keyboard Not Working On Dell, Samsung, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Google Pixelbook, And Acer Devices

So, can you fix the keyboard error on your Chromebook device? Luckily, there are troubleshooting ways to try and fix the keyboard problem on Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Asus, Dell, HP, and Google PixelBook. Let’s take a look at them below.

some keys not working on Chromebook keyboard

Method #1. Check Your Chromebook Keyboard For Physical Damage Or Problems

Are the keys on your keyboard dirty? Sometimes, some objects are stuck between the keyboard, which can cause it to malfunction. You can try to clean the keys by wetting them with alcohol. Do this carefully and make sure that it is not soaked through. You can use a cotton swab to clean the keyboard.

Method #2 – Try Using An External Keyboard

If you have an external keyboard, you can try plugging it in and using it instead of the built-in Chromebook keyboard. This may not solve the problem instantly, but it can be a quick fix if you need to use the keyboard immediately.

how to fix keyboard keys not working

Method #3. Turn Your Chromebook And Router Off And On Again

  • Turn off your Chromebook laptop and disconnect your modem and router.
  • Wait at least 3 minutes before reconnecting them and connecting to the internet.
  • Now restart your Chromebook and see if your keyboard works.

Method #4 – Perform A Hardware Reset Or EC Reset On Your Chromebook

You will effectively remove and reset the permanent charge that keeps the embedded controller (EC) running on your Chromebook by performing a hardware reset or EC reset.

  • Turn off your Chromebook using the Shutdown option.
  • Locate the Refresh and Power keys. Press and hold them simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • First, release the refresh button.
  • Then release the power button.

Method #5 – Chromebook Powerwash

Note that to Powerwash, your Chromebook will reset it to its default settings. It is advisable to back up your files first before performing a Powerwash.

  • First, log out of your Chromebook account. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys on your keyboard. Hold them down until a menu appears.
  • Click “Reboot.”
  • Select Powerwash.
  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Log in to your Google account and set up your Chromebook.

Possible Causes Of Problems

Any malfunctions in the keyboard fall into two categories. Each should be described in more detail.


In this case, we are talking about physical damage to the keyboard itself and other related parts or components of the laptop. The problem is topical, which is explained by the high load during the operation of the computer, rendered specifically to the information input device.

keyboard Hardware

It is important to note that hardware malfunctions are not always correctable. If changing one button is quite realistic, then any more serious failure requires the intervention of professionals. In other words, to apply to a service center or repair shop.


Software malfunction is usually detected at the stage of launching the operating system. In most cases, the keyboard does not respond to pressing any button right after computer start-up. Most often, the cause of the problem is a lack of driver activation, resulting in a notebook simply not seeing the input device.

Somewhat less often, a situation arises when the keyboard works fine, but then the PC starts responding to keystrokes with a delay or leaves the user’s actions unresponsive. In this case, the cause of the problems usually becomes the unsatisfactory performance of the laptop, which can not cope with the tasks assigned to it.

Software faults in the keyboard are quite solvable by the user. The main thing is to find a suitable solution and follow the recommendations of competent professionals.

How To Turn On The Keyboard On A Laptop

Given the above, it makes sense first to consider measures, the implementation of which allows you to eliminate software malfunctions in the laptop’s keyboard. They include the following:

1. Remove the battery. A little strange but effective method. When the power is completely disconnected, the system restarts, leading to a return of the basic settings. This method often helps solve software problems, not only in case of keyboard malfunction.

2. Updating the driver. There’s no point in checking the driver’s current state. It’s much easier, faster, and correct to install the current version of the software. For this purpose, you need to successively go through the following items of the main Windows menu:

  • 0 “Start”.
  • 1 “Keyboards” followed by selecting the desired one.
  • 2 “Update driver.”

The program will inform you if the latest version is installed. Then you will have to look for another way to fix the problem. The alternative option is to update the driver manually. It is more time-consuming and requires a visit to the official website of the software company.

Changing the power settings. Another is not the most obvious way to solve the problem. Disabling the option of the quick start of the operating system in the “Power Management” submenu of the “Start” main menu. In this case, the software failure is often corrected.

3. Running ctfmon.exe. This process is required for normal keyboard operation. Checking its absence is very simple – activate the Task Manager. If the process does not start automatically, you should add it to the autorun registry.

4. Anti-virus check. Viruses often interfere with the normal operation of various software, including those necessary for the unproblematic operation of your keyboard. Therefore anti-virus scanning becomes one of the most effective ways to solve your task. For this purpose, fit any popular services – Avast, Avira, 360 Total Security, and others, available for free use.

5. Clean your laptop. In this case, we are removing garbage and cleaning the registry. For this purpose, specialized services are used in large quantities for free download from the network. After completing the cleaning, a reboot of the laptop is required.

6. Disabling the key sticking mode. It will help if you run the menu subsection “Keyboard Special Features Options,” which is easiest to find in the search bar. Then it would help if you unchecked the above option.

7. Removal of incorrect Windows update. Automatic updates of the most popular operating system often lead to large-scale failures in the PC’s work. The said fully applies to the keyboard. To fix the problem, you need to download the update log and delete the last of them. Such actions will roll back the system and restore the keyboard to working condition.

8. Checking the loop. It involves several manipulations of a partial disassembly of the laptop. Therefore, it makes sense to check if you are confident in your abilities. Otherwise, it is better to contact professionals. The procedure depends on the specific notebook model. The easiest way to find it is to watch a YouTube video. The cause of the problem becomes poor contact of the loop with the connectors due to oxidation or other damage.

9. Pressing the Num Lock key. Helps if the number buttons located on the right side of the keyboard do not work.

If the malfunction is associated with hardware problems, the list of methods for self-repair is much shorter. This can include a check of the plume described above with some convention.

The Second Option For Solving The Problem Is Eliminating Contamination Of The Keyboard

We are talking about getting foreign objects (crumbs, dust, hair) under the keys or spilled liquid on the keys.
The easiest way to remove dirt is to remove the key and carefully treat it and the place of fixation. If a lot of liquid gets on the keyboard, you need to dry it and treat the contacts.

Dirty keyboard

If the moisture in large quantities gets on the motherboard or other important parts of the laptop, the high likelihood of the need for extensive repairs, which should be done in a specialized service center.

Attempts to solve the issue yourself usually lead to additional costs without visible results.

If The Keyboard Still Does Not Work

It’s hard to call such a scenario rare. In this case, you can’t avoid calling a professional. During a visit to a computer service center, it is necessary to specify a list of faults and repair costs immediately. This will allow you to assess the feasibility of repair compared to, for example, the purchase of a new laptop.

If the exact price cannot be named, it makes sense to wait for the diagnostics to return to the discussion of the issue. Important addition: any such relationship should be accompanied by registration of all necessary documents.

Chromebook Help center

How to replace the keyboard

Failure of the main keyboard does not mean that the laptop can not be used. The owner has at least two simple and affordable ways to solve the problem.

The first involves the use of a virtual or on-screen keyboard. It runs as follows:

  1. Opening the Start menu.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” (“Options”).
  3. Activating the “Special Features” subsection.
  4. Select the “Keyboard” device type.
  5. Launch the “On-screen keyboard” option.

Alternatively, you can search for the option’s name in the corresponding window. For a further quick launch of the on-screen keyboard, fixing the icon in the taskbar is advisable.

The second way to replace it is to connect an external keyboard via a USB port. In some cases, you’ll need to additionally install the driver if the program fails to detect it automatically. This option is deservedly considered the easiest and most effective.

What Else Can Help

Modern laptops are complex technical devices. Therefore, the list of possible failures and malfunctions, including those directly related to the keyboard, is extensive. As a consequence – to list all the potential problems, as well as ways to solve them, is simply unrealistic. Especially considering the constant improvement of both hardware and software.

The result of the above information is a simple piece of advice. When a laptop keyboard malfunction occurs, it is advisable to study the issue’s coverage by thematic websites, giving preference to the most professional of them. With this approach to solving the problem, you can get the most objective and, most importantly, relevant information.

ASUS Chromebook Keyboard Won’t Work With Kali Linux 4.18

I have an ASUS Chromebook C202SA-GJ0027 running Kali Linux.

Laptop on the table

The internal keyboard is fine during boot time. The internal keyboard is fine in the GRUB menu.
The internal keyboard works perfectly when I boot into Linux 4.7.0-kali3–amd64.
The internal keyboard does not respond to the power button when I boot into Linux 4.18.0.kali2-amd64. The external USB keyboard works perfectly.

On 4.17 evemu, I get:

/dev/input/event0 is AT Translated Set 2 keyboard. /dev/input/event1 is Lid Switch #, etc.
4.18 does not have a keyboard

/dev/input/event0 – Lid Switch # etc. As on 4.17, but moved down to accommodate a missing keyboard
It appears that the keyboard internal is missing.

diff output of dmesg from the kernels is pretty similar (except for addresses/sizes/versions), except that ( -it’s 4.17, +it’s 4.18)

  • Acpi A08:00: OS now controls PCIeHotplug AER PCIeCapability] +acpi A08:00: OS now controls PCIeHotplug SHPCHotplug AER PCIeCapability].
  • I8042 KBD Port at 0x60.0x64 irq182 +i8042: Probe of i8042 failed due to error -22.

shortly after that:

  • Input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input0.


  1. The keyboard is considered an important part of the laptop, as it is the simplest and most convenient device for entering information.
  2. Malfunctions in its operation are divided into two types – hardware and software.
  3. The first can only be eliminated if the problem is local. Otherwise, you have to go to specialists. The second is often solved by your efforts, which requires a comprehensive approach and a thorough study of the issue.
  4. Problems in the functioning of the MacBook keyboard and ways to fix them are not fundamentally different from similar laptops with the Windows operating system.


What Are The Main Causes Of Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions?

They are divided into two large groups. The first includes hardware problems associated with mechanical damage to the equipment, such as spilling a drink on the keyboard, external impact, or accumulation of dirt.

The second includes software failures. In this case, the number of possible causes is very large – from insufficient laptop performance to incorrect Windows updates.

How To Fix Keyboard Problems?

The right solution to the problem depends on the cause of the malfunction. If it is a matter of contamination or mechanical damage to the key, cleaning or replacement is performed. In the case of software failures, various actions are consistently taken – until the problem is eliminated.

How Can A Failed Laptop Keyboard Be Replaced?

Today, users have two options for replacement. The first is an on-screen keyboard. The second – is an external device connected via a USB port.

What Are The Peculiarities Of Troubleshooting The MacBook Keyboard?

Most of the actions of the PC owner to solve the problem do not depend on the type of operating system. Mechanical damage requires replacing the faulty part or cleaning out contamination. Software failures involve setting the correct settings or checking the system.