Can’t Skip Ad On Your Youtube Desktop? Ways To Fix It

If you are wondering about YouTube ads that cannot be ignored, you are not alone. Google is making changes to YouTube ads. It is part of Google’s long-term plan for YouTube to become a platform that hosts TV shows. YouTube will soon become unaffordable to those who don’t pay for it. The solution? YouTube ads can be avoided in two ways: Subscribe to YouTube Premium, or skip those ads.

YouTube Ads: How To Skip Ads That You Shouldn’t Miss

youtube unskippable ads

You know how frustrating YouTube can be for non-payers if you’re constantly seeing ads that you can’t avoid.
I have seen the ads at the videos’ start, middle, and end. These ads are impossible to miss and can last between 15 seconds and 2:20 minutes.

Check Your Ad Blocker

ADS blocker

Popup blocking is a common feature in a lot of ad-blockers. Your ad blocker may treat the skip button as a popup.
YouTube’s ad blocker is not easy to disable. You can disable YouTube’s ad blocking feature by using a two-edged stick. However, the skip button will likely return after you have disabled it. But the ads at the bottom of your videos will begin to show.

Use Another Ad Blocker

YouTube doesn’t have many ad blocking tools. Here is a list of ad blocking software that has been proven to work on YouTube.

Youtube ad blocker.AdBlock logo

AdBlock is a browser extension that works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. AdBlock is easy to install and comes preloaded with a filter list. These lists will enable you to block almost all online ads, particularly on YouTube and other streaming video sites.

AdLock: If you don’t like browser extensions, AdLock is for you. AdLock is an independent software program that blocks ads on individual devices. You can use it to block YouTube ads and other websites. It can block ads on Skype and BitTorrent and online games, and many mobile apps. AdLock is $20 per year.

Get YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the best way to avoid all those annoying YouTube ads. YouTube Premium is an ad-free premium service that allows you to watch YouTube videos.
YouTube Premium subscribers have exclusive TV shows and features.

Get YouTube Premium

YouTube Originals and YouTube Music are worth the price. YouTube Premium might not be available in your country. This is how you can avoid YouTube ads.

How To Get Rid Of Ads On YouTube On Your Phone And Computer

YouTube is a new phenomenon that has been unusually popular in recent years. Video hosting is so easy and convenient. You can now not only see many videos, but you can also upload your own and earn money. Many users wonder how to remove YouTube ads.

Nearly every video contains an unneeded insertion that irritates or annoys many. Ads are often displayed at the beginning of the video and during annoying window viewing with the offer to subscribe or buy.

why is there no skip ad on youtube

Although it’s impossible to refuse these offers, advertising is still considered the engine of progress. In addition, we learn lots of useful and interesting things from it. You can turn off these videos if you don’t have the time or are distracted.

Many people who use computer hardware and other modern gadgets are afraid of the unknown and don’t know how to install software or create complicated settings to prevent access to unnecessary data. YouTube videos don’t always start immediately. It often starts with a commercial. It’s possible to see the commercials throughout the video, but it’s not guaranteed that they won’t pop up again.

A stopwatch appears when you activate the video. The stopwatch shows you how long it takes to watch the entire ad. An inscription will suggest that you skip the ads after a certain time. Clicking on the inscription will allow you to continue your viewing.

You can choose another alternative if you don’t want to waste even ten seconds of your time. You can do this by pressing the F5 key or refreshing the page. These simple manipulations allow you to continue viewing the content you are most interested in without clicking on any ads.

Click on the small cross to remove popup offers that block blocks cover part of the video. It can be found at the top right corner of the block. These recommendations won’t permanently remove any annoying content, but they can be used to save time.

Using Specialized Software

If you don’t want to click on the crosses and wait for the block to stop you from browsing, there is an alternative. YouTube ads can be removed without needing superpowers or being an expert in computer technology. It is enough to be familiar with the programs that can help you do this. These are often called addons, and I will discuss them below.

Adguard Program

This product is designed to remove annoying ads and blockages. You must download it from the developer’s official site and then install it.

Adguard Ad Blocker

The Utility Has The Following Main Benefits:

You can disable different types of ads, even at the end of the video. This will help protect your computer against infection by malicious and phishing websites on the network. Once you have installed YouTube on your computer, you can immediately turn on any YouTube video. Reliably blocks unwanted information.

Adblock Extension

A universal addon can also be installed in your browser via Google, Mozilla Firefox, or other search engines. You can also download the application directly from the manufacturer’s site. You will find a direct link to the application. You can simply click the link to download, and it will recognize your browser automatically. The service will display a button recommending that you install an addon.

Click on the button to load Adblock. It will adjust the parameters and open in your browser. You can then quickly run the YouTube video. The program will be able to remove all of it.

Installation Of The Addon

First, choose the product that you wish to use. Multiple blocking programs should not be used at the same time. They can programmatically conflict with one another, causing slow loading, incorrect banner removal, errors, and many other problems.

Installation of the addon on Firefox

Copy the program name and then go to the app store.

Google Chrome: Click “Menu” then “Settings,” and select “Extensions” or “More Extensions.”
for Firefox: go to;
Opera: In “Menu”, choose “Extensions” or “Download Extensions.”
Enter the name of the addon (AdBlock) into the search box of the app store and click “Enter.” Find the “Install …” link on the Extensions page. It could be called “Add …” depending on the resource used. When you visit the official website of the addon developer, it will recognize your browser when you open the page. This is something I already mentioned.

Using The Script

Google’s experts can provide an experimental script to anyone interested in removing ads from video hosting. This product can only be used in certain cases. If you only need to view one video, for example. Let’s take a look at the steps that will guide you in using such code.

Use the key combination to open the developer’s menu on the browser on the video page.

  • Ctrl+shift+j for Opera and Google.
  • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K.
  • F12 – Internet Explorer.

Enter the code into the console window and hit “Enter.”

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;”;window.location.reload();

Existing banners will be removed from the open page.

It is not always possible to use the method, so I wouldn’t recommend relying on it.

How To Get Rid Of Ads On Android Devices

You must enable HTTPS filtering within the Adguard program settings to get rid of unwanted banners and YouTube videos from your mobile device. This will allow us to decrypt data sent to our video hosting servers.

Android 7.0 or higher users are not as lucky. Filtering capabilities in YouTube’s latest version are severely reduced. You can still download older versions of the video resource, but you need to immediately stop any updates from Google Play.

Root rights holders can use the Move Certs utility to send the Adguard certificate.
Clearing all information from YouTube is the second step. Go to your operating system settings, then search for “Application Manager,” then click on the software you wish to open detailed information. Clear all data.

AdGuard AdBlocker ADD-ONS on Firefox

If Youtube has “cleared data,” Adguard can remove the ads. Youtube will switch to a different working algorithm the next time you reload or enter Youtube. This allows for some extra “garbage” to still be present. It turns out you will need to clean your data every time you open the program to view videos online.

This process can be made automatic by root privilege holders. Go to settings and select advanced, then low-level settings, and put a tick next to the sub-item Adguard will clear YouTube data each time the device is started.

Another option is available, but it isn’t as popular, so only a handful of people use it. You can watch videos on YouTube Red without any advertising with this subscription. It’s a paid subscription that can provide extensive functionality.

View videos offline. You can save it to watch later. Everything you need is available in the background. You get unlimited access to Google Play Music. The “pleasure” is about twelve dollars. But it’s well worth the effort if you are sick of these ads.

There are some additional recommendations for how to remove banners from Android devices. You can find them in my other article at the link. YouTube Ads: How can I get rid of them? There are many ways to remove ads from YouTube. You can try another if one doesn’t work. I hope you found this article useful.

How To Watch YouTube Without Annoying Ads – More Ways

Lately, YouTube ads have become more and more aggressive and intrusive. It came to the fact that video hosting can integrate video inserts into absolutely any video clip without its owner’s knowledge and without sharing a part of the income from impressions and clicks with him. Watching videos on YouTube has become uncomfortable…

While many AdBlockers like AdBlocker, Ad-Blocker, etc., are good at removing banners on top of videos, currently, no one can solve the problem with this kind of automatic advertisement.
Surely you’ve often experienced this: watching a video on YouTube, and then in the lower right corner of the player, the message “Ads will start in 5,” and the countdown starts 4-3-2-1, after which the full screen runs video ads.

AdBlock Free on Firefox

The “Skip Ads” button doesn’t appear until five seconds later. If you don’t click it, you’ll be shown at least one ad video lasting 15 seconds. That’s annoying!

As I mentioned before, no one can block this “bug.” At least of all the possible Chrome Web Store extensions that I have tested, not a single one has worked. If you have a different experience, write in the comments.
So… It is impossible to remove video ads from YouTube videos. However, there is one compromise solution. It consists of that you can skip ads as soon as the button with the same name appears on the screen. Of course, it’s not nice to click it manually every time, so we will use a ready-made solution for this purpose.

The “Auto Skip Youtube Ads” extension will help us with that. Its function is the following: as soon as the countdown to adverts runs out on the screen, the system automatically clicks on the button that appears to skip ads. Thus, you don’t have to do anything – the extension will do everything, and you will be able to watch the video with only a short 1-second pause until the auto click occurs.

The same extension does a great job with banners in commercials – it pushes the button to close them, and it usually does this before they appear on the screen.
My friends, I have tested more than five different solutions from Chrome Web Store, and only “Auto Skip Youtube Ads” worked properly for me. The others either didn’t handle the ads or caused various errors in video playback in the player. Here’s a link to install it from the Chrome app store: go.
Have fun watching it on YouTube, and don’t forget to share this article on social networks!