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QUIZ: Network Cabling. Questions And Answers

Online tests are one of the most popular ways to test knowledge on the subject “Fundamentals of Network Technologies”. Probably everyone had to take the test, but not everyone did it on the Internet. Let’s see how the online tests differ from the usual ones that are performed on a piece of paper, and what you need to know to successfully pass the test through special programs and the Internet.

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NETGEAR N600 router review

NETGEAR is one of the market leaders in the SOHO class of network devices. In particular, it ranks first in the production of network NAS storage devices in this segment. Like most companies that produce network devices for offices and home users, NETGEAR provides a wide range of models aimed at various market segments. Note that the products of this company are characterized by an acceptable price, high quality of Assembly, ease of operation, as well as timely technical support.

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Chromecast: Everything you need to know


An excellent electronic device should be elementary and convenient, have a low cost, high quality of work, and a concise design. All these characteristics have a compact device from Google “Chromecast.”

Below is a guide on how to install and configure it. Although the manufacturer claims that the device adjusts itself, this is not entirely true, because the user will still need to perform a few simple actions.

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How to choose an access point?

access point


An access point is a device designed to transmit an Internet signal from a distribution device, router. Unlike these devices, the access point does not distribute traffic – it is distributed evenly to all devices connected to it. In other words, the function of the access point is to extend the range of routers.

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TOP 7 best Wi-Fi routers for home use

A router is the core of any home network. Your Internet service provider determines the speed and bandwidth of the Internet channel. An incorrectly selected router can significantly limit or even deprive you of access to the world wide web. After tests on various resources, we have prepared a guide to help you choose the best router in 2020.

Routers can have different data transfer speeds and ways to log in. For example, you can use a USB modem with it as an alternative option for accessing the network. When compiling the rating, I tried to take these nuances into account.

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