Cyber defense


Cyber-attacks are a growing threat that any organization handles on a daily basis. Heymans consulting’s experts have extensive experience with a range of services that enables companies to secure their information and infrastructures, prepare for the next cyber attack.

Our unique approach, tools and methodologies grants our customers an ability to mitigate upcoming cyber security threats by utilizing specific counter measures designed to disarm the Cyber Kill Chain.

By collecting Intelligence, analyzing the attack surface and threat maps and finding Vulnerabilities and suspected exploits in the wild we provide the organization with the information and tools required to mitigate the risks of Cyber Threats from the outside world.

Privacy Praxis Cyber Security Services provide customer organizations an ability to counter cyber attacks and mitigate risks emerging from cyber


Privacy Praxis explains Cyberattack

Cyberattacks may include the following consequences:

  • Identity theft, fraud, extortion
  • Malware, pharming, phishing, spamming, spoofing, spyware, Trojans and viruses
  • Stolen hardware, such as laptops or mobile devices
  • Denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks
  • Breach of access
  • Password sniffing
  • System infiltration
  • Website defacement
  • Private and public Web browser exploits
  • Instant messaging abuse
  • Intellectual property (IP) theft or unauthorized access


Our Cyber Security Services include:

  • Cyber Intelligence and Reconnaissance
  • Preparing an Attack Surface
  • Building a Threat Map
  • Malware & spyware Detection and Analysis
  • Incident Response Operations - definition of process and procedure
  • Cyber Attacks Simulations
  • Cyber Emergency Procedures
  • Dispatching a Red-Team
  • Cyber Awareness Campaign.

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