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Heymans Consulting offers specialized Data Privacy and Information Security solutions


Is your company looking for Interim Data Privacy Officer (DPO) profiles?

In the light of the new EU Data Protection regulation companies research for DPO profiles to ensure compliance and protect their customers.

The demand in the market for experienced profiles with adequate Data Privacy experience has significantly increased and will continue to increase in the future, putting the focus on experienced individuals with knowledge of the legal framework and understanding of the technical aspect. Heymans Consulting specilizes in getting for you the right profile in a time efficient manner. 


Do you need an Interim Information Security Manager ?

Crime in the cyberspace is continuously evolving and has an ever increasingly impact on organizations of every size. Taking forms that vary from compromising information systems, information loss and theft, denial-of-service type of attacks, interruption of payments or cyber-espionage, it may result to significant financial losses for the targeted companies. Getting the right profile when you need it becomes often a challenge. Heymans Consulting can offer you the certainty of getting a recognized and experienced manager in place to cover your immediate needs, leveraging its extensive network of Information Security professionals. 


Do you have a defined Data Privacy or Information Security project in your pipeline?

Companies understand the need to establish internal policies and procedures related to Data Privacy and Information Security. Customers put more and more focus on ensuring that their information, their most valuable asset, is protected efficiently and companies need to respond to that requirement. We can help you understand your gaps, put the right procedures in place, implement the appropriate tools and succesfully pass any audits related to Information Security or Data Privacy. 

Heymans Consulting can help you implement an ISO/IEC 27001 & 27002 information security management system to mitigate risks to important information in your business.

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