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Heymans Consulting is end to end Data Privacy and Information Security consulting firm.

Founded by Heymans Jean-Pierre, Heymans Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.

Heymans Consulting is a Data Protection company that has in depth experience with Data Privacy, already more than 10 years before the new General Data Protection Regulation was published. Since the GDPR has been published, in May 2016, Heymans Consulting has been one of the first consulting firms to invest in understanding the requirements and the impact the Regulation would have on medium and large organizations.

In that context we are partnering with companies from different sectors and we support them build their roadmap to success, desining the action plan and providing specialized  resources to achieve the objectives.

Our clientele includes most of the financial institutions active in Belgium as well as organizations from a variety of sectors, namely telecommunications, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing and others.


  1. Data Protection Officer As a service

Under Article 37 of the GDPR, many organisations are obliged to appoint a DPO.

The appointment of a DPO is mandatory for all public authorities, and for organisations whose data controller or data processor carries out core activities such as “regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale”. An entity that processes “special categories of personal data” on a large scale must also appoint a DPO.

Article 37 also requires the DPO to have “expert knowledge of data protection law and practices”. Many organisations required under the GDPR to appoint a DPO are unable to assign the role to an internal member of staff, due to resource constraints and/or lack of knowledge and technical skills. Finding and recruiting a full-time data protection expert is also beyond the budgets of many organisations. Addressing these challenges, the GDPR makes provisions to fill this post on an outsourced basis.


  1. What is our approach to the GDPR compliance program

Compliance to the GDPR is a multi-step process that requires complete collaboration and commitment from the customer’s side to achieve success.

Our approach, in a nutshell, can be described by the following steps :

For the completion of this step we employ different practices, namely interviewing key stakeholders (I.e HR, marketing, IT, etc) , reviewing existing pocedures and documentation, reviewing third party contracts as necessary etc. The deliverable from this step will be a documentedgap analysis, identifying areas of risk and quantifying the risk, as well as mapping the gaps against specific articles of the GDPR.

This step may be facilitated by potentially existing documentation, i.e results of previous audits or data privacy assesments that STIB may have previously conducted, if applicable.

Based on the findings of the gap analysis and in full collaboration with the customer, Heymans Consulting will propose an action plan.

The action plan will need to be then validated by the steering committee that will have been assigned by the our client  for that purpose.

The action plan will include list of priorities as well as an estimation of resources needed from our client in order to achieve completion.

As described above, the commitment and participation of the customer is critical in order to achieve compliance.

We propose that Our client should assign a steering committee, or project sponsor with defined escalation path. Regular meetings should be planned with the steering committee (I.e proposed frequency is quarterly, but based on the availability of Our client they could also be bi-annual). The progress will be reviewed against the agreed timeline , and in case of gaps potential solutions will be reviewed at that point in collaboration with the customer.

Apart from the definition of a specifc GDPR action framework, as described above, in the scope of the present RFP we also offer support in the context of ad hoc projects. We propose that the Data Privacy responsible – or the designated resources of Heymans Consulting (depending on what the customer will select) are involved in the various projects as early as possible in the process. That will enable us to assess the data protection requirements effectively, provide adequate guidance to the stakeholders of the STIB and also efficiently assess potential contractual or other documentation requirements.

In this respect Heymans Consulting can support Our client  either throughout the entire process, or with selected individual steps, depending on the customer’s choice. Just for reference purposes, we provide herewith a list of the potential activities where Heymans Consulting can add value

  1. Drafting the job description and submitting it for validation / publishing to the client.
  2. Reviewing applicant profiles and submitting a shortlist to the designated client responsibles.
  3. Participating with the designated resources from the client in the interview process, supporting the client with the technical or overall assessment of the interviewees.
  4. Supporting the client in explaining to the candidates the expectations from the new role.
  5. After the selection of the successful candidate, engaging with them in coaching sessions. Explain in detail the GDPR requirements, assist them in contacting key stakeholders (i.e Commission de la vie privee, etc) working side by side with them on specific projects and guiding them as to the considerations that need to be made.


  1. Data Protection As A Service :

The scope of Data Protection as a service  is typically defined in collaboration with the customer. Our services vary from holistic management of Data Protection requirements to taking ownership of specific activities, depending on our Customer’s needs.

Below we provide a non exhaustive list of activities under the DPO as a service scheme.

  1. Other services


  1. Why choose us

For information or quotation please contact us via mail info@dpo-as-a-service.com